Seed magazine issue #2


Celebrating food, craft, travel and sustainable living.

Seed is a biannual magazine, founded and edited by Carole Bamford. At its heart is the belief that we need to live sustainably and consciously. Its philosophy is to lead by example: to gently inspire readers to make small changes with their own choices so that together we can have a wider impact on the future of the planet – like sowing a seed that will grow and flourish into a plant.

The second volume of Seed, published to tie in with the launch of London’s annual Craft Week, has a strong emphasis on craft and the makers that are helping shape the future with their vision for a more sustainable way to live.

Sebastian Cox shares the reasons behind the publication of his recent manifesto for sustainability and discusses his passion for preserving and protecting the environment and how we can inspire other designers to do the same. We talk to Pippa Small about her ethical jewellery line, her charitable work and the constraints and challenges of collaborating with artisans in war-torn regions.

Editor Carole Bamford interviews environmental architect and artist Maya Lin about the role art can play in behavioural change and whether it can serve as a call to action, as well the inspiration behind her own sustainable design solutions. Buddhist monk Gelong Thubten challenges us to question the human search for happiness, and examines why seeking joy from material possession and external gratification can never replace the innate contentment that comes from looking within.

Celebrating the importance of being conscious of where our food comes from, we also share over 15 simple, seasonal recipes with a focus around reducing food waste. We speak to Douglas McMaster founder of the world’s first zero-waste restaurant Silo about the challenges the food industry faces and his recent opening in London; and offer our own tips for how to reduce or eradicate plastic from our kitchens at home.

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