Nature is contemporariness. It inspires us. Its immensity. Its details.
It reminds us of the precise, unhurried tempo of things.
From a coffee bean springs a colossal coffee plantation.
From a cutting, a splendorous plant. Thanks to its intuition. 
The same that inspires Art.
We believe in the simpleness of lines, in the expression of color. 
In their capacity to create a whole world.
A place where things are done with care.
With passion. With respect.
Where we can always share a cup of coffee at its best, of a well-done coffee,
of true coffee with the ones we want, or with ourselves.
Talking. Listening. Drawing. Reading. Thinking.
Feeling alive.
We do it here.

At Joliu & Orval.

Where plants meet coffee.

You can visit us at:
Joliu – C/ Badajoz 95 08005 Barcelona
Orval – C/ Buenaventura Muñoz 31 08018 Barcelona